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Anime Sales Post!
Plushies, Doujinshi, and Binsen
from Hetalia, Inuyasha, Kuroshitsuji, etc.

Over my past few years of collecting I have ended up with quite a number of extra/duplicate items from batch purchases.
Now that I am moving to Tokyo in the next few weeks, I am finally getting around to finding homes for them.

Everything is in great condition unless otherwise noted!

All prices are in USD.
Payment and shipping information at the bottom of the post!

Thanks for looking, and feel free to comment if you have any questions! :)


Hetalia Plushies (Movic)

Japan, China, Austria, and Switzerland have dented boxes,
but the plushies are in perfect condition.

North Italy - $29 SOLD
Japan - $29 SOLD
China - $25
Austria - $25 SOLD
Chibitalia - $27 SOLD
Holy Roman Empire - $27
Switzerland - $25
Finland - $29
Sweden - $29

(I am also looking for Spain if you are interested in a trade!)


Hetalia Doujinshi

All are Germany x North Italy.
All are from the circle
Hakoniwa except for the last one, which is from Receipt.

Il cielo sulla terra! (36p, R18) - $16 SOLD
Honey Milk Honey (36p, R18) - $16
Secret Garden (44p) - $15 SOLD
Itoshi, Itoshi (46p) - $15
Taichou ga Kurun de Asobu Hon (8p, R18) - $3 SOLD
(or free to the first person to buy at least 2 doujinshi!)
Stamp Vol. 3 (28p, R18) - $15


Inuyasha Plushies (Banpresto)

All have their paper tags intact.
Kagome from the Original Series has a bit of age-related flaking on her shoes.

Original Series
Shippo - $19 SOLD
Miroku - $19 SOLD
Kagome - $15
Inuyasha - $19

Festival Series
$15 each or $55 for the full set!


Other Plushies

All have their paper tags intact.

Kyubey (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) - $39
Hijikata Toushirou (Gintama) - $9
Mitsukake (Fushigi Yuugi) - $9
Hououji Fuu (Magic Knight Rayearth) - $9


Kuroshitsuji Binsen

If you're a fan of Sebastian x Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, I'm sure you're familiar with the artist Shina Himetsuka.
She is a doujinshi artist who has also released over 50 beautiful binsen (stationery sheets).

Most are Sebastian x Ciel. They are all SFW, although some are a bit risqué. ;>
All are B5 size. I have multiple copies of some.

They are $2.50 each, but if you buy several I will be happy to give a discount!

Kuroshitsuji #06 SOLD, 07 SOLD, 08 SOLD, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13

Kuroshitsuji #14, 16, 17, 18, 19 SOLD, 20 SOLD, 22, 23

Kuroshitsuji #25 SOLD, 26 SOLD, 29, 30 SOLD, 31, 32 SOLD, 33, 34 SOLD

Kuroshitsuji #35, 36, 37, 38, 39 SOLD, 40, 41, 42

Kuroshitsuji #43, 44 SOLD, 45 SOLD, 46 SOLD, 47, 48, 52

I also have a few of her non Kuroshitsuji binsen.

Original #03 SOLD, 06, 07, 08
$1.50 each

Vocaloid #51 SOLD, 53 SOLD, 57 SOLD
Code Geass #52
Le Poème Du Vent Et Des Arbres #54

$1.50 each


How to Order

Comment or PM me with the item(s) you are interested in and your zip code/country so I can give you a quote.
I am sorry that I cannot hold items since I am a bit pressed for time!
Serious buyers only, but please feel free to ask questions! :)

Payment / Shipping Information

I apologize, but I am only able to accept PayPal as payment.
PayPal fees will be included with the final quote.
All sales are final! No refunds!

Items will be shipped via First Class/Priority Mail from the United States.

Doujinshi and binsen will be shipped with cardboard backing to prevent them from being bent,
so please note that this may make shipping more expensive than otherwise.
If you want additional options such as insurance, you will need to request them.

I am not responsible for lost/damaged items!

You can view my 100% positive eBay feedback here.